Then Joe Biden administration . . . the most diverse cabinet ever to help bond traders suck you dry like vampires, to bail out the bond traders when they fail and drag the whole nation down with them, to further bloat the military-industrial complex, to cut your social services, to bust unions, to crack down on dissent, to to facilitate torture, to throw hundreds of thousands of people into prison, to organize coups against elected governments, and to drone strike schools and wedding parties.

Hallelujah! Yippee! Wahoo! The dark time has passed!


And no, there will be no honeymoon. Biden and his cabinet are more closely comparable in terms of their histories, actions, and stated priorities to the George W. Bush administration than any other preceding government. In other words, they are what we once called — back when we still opposed illegal wars, war crimes, torture, and such — neoconservatives, or neocons. Who are also neoliberals. Double-Neo’s that by now are no longer neo (new) at all, but a decadent gerontocracy whose claim to fame is a string of crimes, failures, and political blunders that are never punished. Let’s be frank. Had it not been for a deadly pandemic sweeping the globe, that sack of shit whose name shall be erased would be preparing for a second term.

Biden and company have shown their hand. Weaponized diversity aimed at crushing not the right, but the left.

Perhaps we could call it “woke imperialism.” When the ruling class can bewilder so many people by putting diversity rainbows on their bombs and bailouts. A perfect set-up for the rotting Democratic Party, its establishment now a bloc of rich white neoliberals and the black comprador bourgeoisie, the latter of which is used willingly by the former to crush any challenge from the left.

More and more people are waking up to the Democratic okeydoke. How neoliberal neocons are tipping their spears with women, sexual minorities, and “people of color.” I hate that term, POC, because it puts ‘white’ in the center again, now as a universal strange attractor; as if a rich, reactionary, Miami Cuban-American is the same as a dirt poor Black teenager living in the slums of Baltimore or Oakland.

When manufactured, silicon-valleyed pop culture gets hold of subversive ideas, it always swallows them up then shits them back out as “the correct cultural signifiers,” which then replace the thoughts behind the original terms . . . then they sell them back to us as “lifestyles.” Mission accomplished, but not without the able assistance of with-it hipster political sects that accept the reversal of signifier with signified and turn it into a shortcut morality. That’s “woke.” Secular gnosticism for the specially enlightened. But as I said, more and more people are exhausted with this, exhausted with their own impotence, and exhausted with the fossilizing American political establishment.

Last January, I wrote a piece here on the complications of “diversity” in the person and symbol of Barack Obama. Obama has been held up as a kind of paragon, a symbol of racial uplift, an example of how a Black man can do what the Big White Man does. Obama was the strategic bomber of the Sanders campaign, in concert with another Black power broker from the Black bourgeoisie — Jim Clyburn; so we can count on the neoliberal neocon Democrats to continue to employ this same comprador bourgeoisie in the same way . . . even after it quits working. Obama’s most recent intervention to scold the left was met with a slapback from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, former Senate candidate Charles Booker, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, and especially Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush— a woman who has been in the trenches of African America’s military-colonial occupation since Ferguson, while the more “respectable” Obama’s were giving orders to the maids and gardeners at their Martha’s Vineyard mansion.

The most sophomoric fraction of the left, who refused a tactical vote for Biden to cut the head off of an emergent fascist movement, has fallaciously claimed that those of us who took this tactical route are invested in the idea of “pushing Biden to the left.” Horseshit!

Plenty of us knew that’s a non-starter. We voted to choose who and what we have to resist for the next four years; and we’ve never been clearer about what and whose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (the heir apparent for woke neoliberal President in 2024) are.

We also know that things are going to get far worse over the next four years, which will set up the next, more intelligent and competent proto-fascist leader for a goal.

That’s why “electoralism,” used by the infantile sectarian left as an epithet, remains our best strategic orientation — one that has been “failing better” since 2016. Beginning with massive primary challenges to Democratic neoliberal neocons at every level in 2022 and 2024. And finding a Sanders II to challenge Kamala Harris. Every movement — especially local initiatives with real popular bases — needs an electoral arm.

Irami Osei-Frimpong recently pointed out how reliance by movements on the judiciary have truncated progress by these movements, and how the key to change is legislation, and the key to winning elections that result in real policy changes is for people to join dues-paying organizations. Facebook and Twitter don’t win elections.

There is no magic bullet.

The role of public intellectuals, in concert with electoralism, has to be chipping away at the woke-neoliberal ideological edifice.

Because establishment Democrats — as they did in the last election — are experts at losing. Their ideology is bankrupt and their machinery is nearly toothless. The key to beating back the inevitable challenge from the right is strengthening the left; and the only practice that can unite the thousands of local projects of resistance is elections. Just know, that the weaponization of “diversity” is the only strategy they have left — and that strategy still has a few teeth.