Patellar reflex & Stockholm syndrome

Everyone’s scared. I get it. There are good reasons to be afraid.

Different people, however, react differently to fear. All of us fall back on responses we’ve internalized throughout our lives, be that fight/flight (anger/panic?), control freakery, denial, blame-shifting, you name it. Maybe some with self-discipline and realistic discernment . . . virtues that have been hunted nearly to extermination because they can’t be commodified.

Yesterday, I wrote a little rant in which I said that Trump will likely win the next election because the Democrats are running a cynical, drooling masher for head of state; and that they got there by serially abusing a genuine social democrat as well as his supporters.

I said some other stuff, too, but what I did not say was for people to stay home in November and not vote. Not once did I say that, and one time I explicitly said I was not saying that. What I said was that I am not going to stay silent on Joe Biden’s record.

A little basic logic here: those are not the same things — saying one will not withhold the truth about a candidate and not voting for him . . . or not voting at all. Another logical tidbit: saying one thinks something will happen is not synonymous with wanting it to happen.

Nonetheless, there was an entirely predictable reaction, or should I say reflex, that implicitly and sometimes explicitly conflated criticism with abstention. In fact, where people reflexively interrogated me about my intentions in November (none of your gotdam business!), the rant wasn’t about me or my intentions at all. It was about likely outcomes.

I could be wrong about those outcomes . . . my crystal ball is busted. Only time will tell, and for that matter I’m not applying for a job as prognosticator. The only personal intention I declared was that I would not stay silent about Joe Biden’s record.

Even this is met with the claim that I am “giving Trump ammunition.”

Does anyone think Trump’s minions need me to load their magazines? I’m a 68-year-old gonzo social critic whose never had much of a following. I write articles without pay that few people read and with which fewer still agree. I write books that never make any money.

The people who gave Trump ammunition are the same people he will run against . . . again. Arrogant liberal technocrats who can no longer find their own asses with a radar.

Next clueless reflex . . . I am encouraging others not to vote against Trump. Not by doing that (find one place where I said that), but the reflex to the response to the reflex is, “You are demoralizing people,” or “You are giving them permission.” To which I’ll say, “I’m a 68-year-old gonzo social critic whose never . . .” well, you get the picture. Would that I were so all-powerful. Oh where is my wizard’s staff?

Liberals love nothing more than telling other people what to do and insisting that everyone be just like them — the pinnacle of evolution and progress; and they are incapable of accepting demonstrable truths . . . like the fact that people vote based on everything but the the technocratic, public-school-civics-propaganda criteria of white liberals. People voting based on being pissed off is a real thing. And guess what! For months now, all that the establishment has done is attack millions of the same people they now want to command to the polls.

What I am encouraging is truth-telling, but that’s even more unpopular than those imputed things I didn’t say or do. My rant comparing Biden and Trump (they are very much alike in many respects) was against modernity, capitalism, America . . . all the shitty history that has led us to where we are right now. The Biden-vote-shaming thing is just displacement to avoid engaging that particular argument . . . because the greatest fear of these (almost exclusively) upper middle class white liberals is that about that, about the possibility that this whole epoch ends in unthinkable ruin, scares the living shit out of us all (it damn sure should), and for this only thumbsucking evasions will do.

If people have to lie, deny, and evade to justify their actions, their project is already fatally tainted. Their actions are symptomatic of a disease too terrible to comprehend and accept. Getting rid of Trump isn’t going to fix it. Yes, it might ameliorate it a tiny bit for a moment in time, but Trump is a symptom, too.

Here’s what none of them want to hear: If and when Trump is gone, things are not going to return to normal. Ever. All that is familiar is fading, and everything will get worse for a long ass time.

We are working without a net. If you think four more years of Trump is the worst that can happen, I have bad news . . .




Author of the books “Hideous Dream,” “Full Spectrum Disorder,” “Borderline,” “Mammon’s Ecology,” and “Tough Gynes.”

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Stan Goff

Stan Goff

Author of the books “Hideous Dream,” “Full Spectrum Disorder,” “Borderline,” “Mammon’s Ecology,” and “Tough Gynes.”

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