Republican officials, congrats!

You are experiencing the cartoon law of gravity. Remember when ole Wily Coyote would run over that cliff, hang suspended for a moment of rude awakening, then drop like a rock into an abyss?

Congratulations, you have succeeded in discrediting yourselves and your party forever — you will become the icons of opportunistic ass-licking, your performance of which culminated yesterday when Trump secured his legacy in snapshots of a loon-riot.

No one will forget. But we’ll be entertained by the backpedaling and tap-dancing performances in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. How much bullshit will it take — measured in tons — to conceal your serial complicities and sycophantic cowardice from the future?

You will never escape from your responsibility for this. Your party is toast. It will break up now like a calving glacier. You are exposed as the cringing accomplices that you’ve been all along, supping on the fecal residue of this coked-up half-wit.

Resign, go home, and grab some Listerine.